Album: BLACKOUT EP (2010)

Song: Eternal Wind (Preview)

Bitrate: 192kbps

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A.D., a Sound Physician, musically designed to elevate the minds of the masses to the divine energies of the universe. Throughout history, the conditions of humanity have always mirrored the trends of music. Thanks to the state of society and the music industry today, the door is open for this MC to take the globe to the next level. A.D. has created a sound he describes as "futuristic hip-hop" which drives and promotes a consciousness of progression.

From an early age, A.D. has been revealing his thoughts through music. Now, his creative skills have taken him to new depths that inspire the globe with his lyrical flow.

His current BLACKOUT EP, A.D. appeals to the intellect and emotion. With a destiny and determination to feed listeners a nice blend of philosophical fast rap and stimulating sounds that motivate change from the inside out, A.D. is swiftly on his way to being the premier producer/artist in the electronic and hip-hop genres.

Look for Lightspeed the album that releases under his own Indie record label, Advent Records in 2010.

-A.D. 2009